Here you can get VTU syllabus of CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) and 2010 Scheme Syllabus Semester wise of department Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering, Information science and Engineering.

VTU used to modify the syllabus and the scheme every four years but in 2014 it has introduced the new 2014 module scheme but the vtu faced the many problems regarding to the 2014 module scheme as well as students also, later it affects the overall results of vtu  of the current year a sudden decreasing of the results so then they have decided to launch the CBCS scheme


VTU 3rd Sem Syllabus CBCS Scheme

VTU 4th Sem Syllabus CBCS Scheme

VTU 5th Sem Syllabus CBCS Scheme

VTU 6th Sem Syllabus CBCS Scheme 

VTU 7th Sem Syllabus CBCS Scheme

VTU 8th Sem Syllabus CBCS Scheme 

NOTE: here is the quick info about how to get your syllabus copy just click on the SCHEME which your related and select your branch then it will take you to another page it includes your syllabus corresponding to your semesters

Vtu Syllabus: For the first year of vtu engineering, it will continuous Depending on the branch you’ve picked, you’d either be in the P-Cycle or C-Cycle. P for Physics, C for Chemistry. If you’ve studied P cycle in 1st semester, you’d be studying C cycle in 2nd sem and Vice Versa. The P cycle subjects include, Maths-1 (which is common for both P and C cycle),Here we have provided 4 years syllabus of civil engineering, when the student enters to their branch they have to study 2 sem per year continues to final year totally u have to study 6 sem from the starting of 2nd year.each sem contains 7 to 8 subjects out of that 6 theory 2 practicals so you have to study totally 64 subjects from the first year of engineering.