VTU YB System: VTU modifies year back and critical year systems


The VTU year back or carry-over system is one of the real problem faced by the students studying in colleges that affiliated to vishweshwaraiah technological university. By the way, this is not the first time rumours spread on about VTU year back system. We hear this almost every year.

The University has received representations from the NON-CBCS scheme students who have failed to gain eligibility for promotion to 5th and 7th semesters as per regulations during the academic year 2017-2018 lo permit them to continue their studies of 5th and 7th semester. They said representations were placed before the authorities of the University. After detailed deliberations it is noted that:


  • A candidate seeking eligibility for the 3rd semester should not fail in more than four subjects of first and second semesters taken together.
  • A student is eligible for the 5th semester if they have passed in all the subjects of 1st and 2nd semesters and should not have failed in more than four subjects of 3rd and 4th semesters taken together.
  • For 7th semester eligibility, a student should have pass in all the subjects up to 4th semester and should not have fail in more than four subjects of 5th and 6th semesters taken together.

VTU modifies year back and critical year systems for 2017-18

During the executive council meeting on Tuesday, it was decided to “modify” this rule. “Students can enter the next year if they fail in four or more subjects and can also enter their third year if they do not pass any of the first year papers. Similarly, they can enter final year even if they do not pass all second year papers. However, students can write the exams only if they clear papers as per the earlier eligibility criteria,” H.N. Jagannatha Reddy, Registrar, VTU, said.