VTU Civil 6th Sem Notes Download CBCS Scheme

Construction Management and Entrepreneurship

Construction Management and Entrepreneurship Subject Code: 15CV61

  • Management:Construction Project Formulation:Construction Planning and Scheduling:: Module 1
  • Resource Management:Construction Equipments:Materials::Module 2
  • Construction Quality , safety and Human Values:HSE:Ethics::Module 3
  • Introduction to engineering economy :Interest and time value of money:Comparison of alternatives::Module 4
  • Entrepreneurship:Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME):Business Planning Process::Module 5
Construction M & E Notes Download
Design of Steel Structural Elements NOTES

Design of Steel Structural Elements Subject Code: 16CV52

  • Plastic Behaviour of Structural Steel::Module 1
  • Bolted Connections:Welded Connections::Module 2
  • Design of Compression Members::Module 3
  • Design of Tension Members:Design of Column Bases::Module 4
  • Design of Beams:: Module 5
Design of Steel Structural Elements Notes Download
Highway Engineering NOTES

Highway Engineering Subject Code: 16CV53

  • Principles of Transportation Engineering:Highway Development and Planning::Module 1
  • Highway Alignment and Surveys:Highway Geometric Design:: Module 2
  • Pavement Materials:Pavement Design:: Module 3
  • Pavement Construction:: Module 4
  • Highway Drainage:Highway Economics::Module 5
Highway Engineering Notes Download
Water Supply and Treatment Engineering NOTES

Water Supply and Treatment Engineering Subject Code: 16CV54

  • Introduction:: Module 1
  • Water Treatment: Module 2
  • Sedimentation:: Module 3
  • Softening::Module 4
  • Collection and Conveyance of water::Module 5
Water Supply and Treatment Engineering Notes Download
Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Subject Code: 15CV651

  • Sources:Transportation:: Module 1
  • Processing techniques:: Module 2
  • Composting Aerobic and anaerobic method:Sanitary landfilling:: Module 3
  • Sources, collection, treatment and disposal of :: Module 4
  • Incineration:: Module 5
Solid Waste Management Notes Download
Matrix Method of Structural Analysis

Matrix Method of Structural Analysis Subject Code: 15CV652

  • Introduction:: Module 1
  • Element Flexibility Method:: Module 2
  • Element Stiffness Method:: Module 3
  • Effects of Temperature Changes and Lack of Fit:: Module 4
  • Direct Stiffness Method:: Module 5
Matrix Method of Structural Analysis Notes Download
Alternative Building Materials

Alternative Building Materials Subject Code: 15CV653

  • Introduction:: Module 1
  • Elements of Structural Masonry :Structural Masonry Mortars:: Module 2
  • Alternative Building Materials:: Module 3
  • Alternative Building Technologies:Alternative Roofing Systems:: Module 4
  • Equipment for Production of Alternative Materials:: Module 5
Alternative Building Materials Notes Download

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