Latest News On VTU Year Back System Canceled and Conditions Apply


Finally, VTU announces there is no critical year back system for their students and this line sounds great ..this is the latest news about vtu and its updates

yes. VTU officially announces there is no critical year back system from now and VTU is Announced some conditions or rules to eligible for this system

VTU CBCS Year Back System Rules

  • 2015 & 2017 students who are willing to select or those who are already selected this scheme they shouldn’t have more than 4 arrears in their previous sems,(arrears including practical & theory) at the time of admission, critical subject not considered
  • B.E./B.Tech of students 7th sem must have passed all subjects in 1st & 2nd sem(3rd & 4th sem subjects not considered because there is no criti )
  •  B.Arch. 9th Semester students must have passed all subjects in 1st,2nd,3rd & 4th sem subjects without fail
  • if you’re CGPA is lower than the 5.00 at end of BE/B. Tech course you can reject those marks(without seminars internships project & labs marks )you can write again for SEE in full or part of the corresponding previous semester theory course/s


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