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Amar ck Staff asked 2 years ago

HOW TO PASS IN M2 Engineering Mathematics 2?

Students who are suffering to get passing marks in M2 should follow this simple procedure!

To pass, study

– LDE with constant co eff (5 types)
– (variation of parameters) or ( undetermined co eff) Click here complete Video tutorial

– legendary, couchy’s
– Solve for p,y,x
– clairaut eqn Click here Complete Video tutorial

#MODULE 3 – Heat and wave equation

#MODULE 4 – relationship between beta and gamma fun

If you are weak in mathematics

It’s my advice don’t study all the modules.

Study for 70 marks.

That means you have to pakka in 70 marks question.So, that any question came you will answer for that question.

Try to fill 35 pages so, that if external examiner will give 1 marks for 1 page you will definitely get 35 marks.

If you dont know answer of any question also, then also write atleast given data and formula and proceed it because it doesnt contain any negative marks.

For writing data and formula you will get some marks and even sometimes question came with some mistakes.

In that case you will get full marks for that question if you have written data and formulas.If you left then they will not gives any marks.

M-2 is easy than M-1.

Only Seniors and faculty create fears among the Students.

So, study it and revise all the formulas.

Best Of Luck